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Our Mission

The All Tied Up Boutique provides fashionable & affordable Women's accessories designed to add some pizzazz to your plain colored outfits.

We take great pride in being a "Pay it Forward" business and we thank our customers for aiding in our efforts.  In addition to helping the environment with re-cycling, each tie we purchase for our inventory, and every necktie scarf that is purchased by our customers supports & has an impact on many Americans across our nation.


We proudly support the following organizations:

Wings - Aids Families of Domestic Violence

Amazing Goodwill - Aids People with Disabilities

Salvation Army - Aids the Elderly, Veterans, Adults, Families, and so much more!


Product Material

All Tied Up Boutique uses both new & recycled (used) men's silk & cotton ties and upcycles them into fashionable handcrafted ladies scarves.


Each tie is meticulously folded, pleated, and the design is then hand stitched into place.  Scarves are then adorned with buttons imported from all over the world and then secured with snaps for easy dressing. 


Unlike other ladies scarves, you will never have to attempt to recreate the design, just wrap the scarf around your neck, snap together, and you are ready to go.



Since each tie is unique in itself and then handcrafted into a necktie scarf, the lengths vary.  Please refer to the snap to snap dimensions for each item to see if that style suits you.

Caring for your Silk Necktie Scarf

Do not clean in a washing machine or dry in the dryer, agitation causes material to shrink.  Even the gentle cycle on the washer is too rough for this delicate fabric.

There are many recommended methods online for the cleaning of silk items such as:

Ironing - Low Temperature, Steam 


Stains - Borax, Cornstarch, Talcum Powder, Seltzer, or Club Soda

Dry Cleaning - Dry cleaning chemicals can weaken silk, rid it of it's shine, and also cause shrinkage over time.  Besides being very expensive.


Cleaning -  Woolite, Baby Soap, Tide to Go, Shout Out Wipes, Winter Silks Spot Out, Carbona Stain Devils, Dryel (please follow manufacturer's directions for detailed cleaning instructions).


We accept the following methods of payment:

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

The All Tied Up Boutique is SSL certified, meaning that your data is encrypted, authenticated, and therefore secured.


Products are ready made and available to ship within 24-48 hours after payment has been confirmed.

You will receive a confirmation of your ordered placed via email and then will also receive another confirmation via email when your order has shipped.

Your order will ship via USPS Priority Mail.  Rates are calculated by purchased price ranges.  Using Flat rate shipping is an added saving to our customers and allows you to purchase additional items at the same shipping costs.

Merchandise Pick Up

Shop from the comfort of your home, be the first to view our new finished inventory, and save on shipping.  Place your order online, click the drop down box on the checkout cart page, choose Event Pick up, and add a note letting us know which event you will be picking up your merchandise.

Returns & Exchanges

Yes, we do accept returns & exchanges.  Please email us at with your order number and name for instructions.


It is extremely rare that we find two of the exact sames ties and our inventory is always changing.  Be sure to stop

back often as we are constantly adding new products.

Special Requests

We do carry blank inventory so if you see a design that intrigues you but its not in the color that you were hoping for, please email us at and we will make an effort to accommodate your request.


Personal Ties

Looking to rid your closet of ties that are in good shape?

All Tied Up is always looking for ties.

If you live in the Chicagoland area email us at 

Show Schedule

The All Tied Up Boutique travels to various weekend shows across the Chicagoland area.  If you would like to receive updates on shows where our necktie scarves will be showcased, either sign up for our email list on the website or follow us on facebook.

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